Friday, March 15, 2013


1. I got my hair did!!!  I was debating between getting some red/copper or to just go lighter and when my girlfriends all went light, I had to too. I am loving the lighter hair as it makes me look tanner and its gotten me so excited for Spring/Summer!

2. I got these pink ikat pants from Gap for only $8! Yep, you read that right, $8, now that's a steal!

3. My sweet baby girl Melrose taking a nap after playing with her BFF. I just think shes the cutest!

4. Anyone else obsessed with this song? I listen to it on repeat. All day. All week. Obsessed. Which is funny because I am not a fan of Adam Levine, he seems like a tool, but I like this song.

5. I am so excited for St. Patrick's day and I really wish I had this shirt to wear to tomorrow's parade! This shirt is perfect because 1. my last name is Bottoms and 2.  I love beer! How could it get any more perfect? Tomorrow is a big day here in Dallas, there is a huge parade, Snoop Dog is performing (WTH didnt know he was still around??) and lots and lots of green beer! Super pumped!  Anyone else doing anything fun for St. Patrick's day?

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  1. Your dog is so cute! Randy and I are looking at adoption centers next week! I cannot wait! And have a fun St. Patrick's Day!! We're going out on Saturday night instead of the big crowded Sunday thing in Downtown Cleveland.

  2. Thanks! OMG going into the adoption centers breaks your heart! I wanted to take them all home with me! Have a great weekend and happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Love. Those pink pants are OH!dorable!

  4. Aren't you just darling! Beautiful smile! Newest follower!

  5. Love those pants! And I'm loving the lighter hair :)

  6. great post! your blog is very lovely and glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  7. You are so pretty, I really think no matter what you wear, it will look good on you.


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