Sunday, February 10, 2013


Happy Monday!!! I cannot believe the weekend is over already but to brighten up the Monday blues I have a cute and simple DIY for y'all! The best thing is this DIY art cost me $0 as I had everything on hand (besides the paint samples but those are free)

List of supplies:
Paint samples or colorful card stock
Heart paper punch or Cricut
White card stock
I went to Sherwin Williams and grabbed a stack of pink paint samples as I wanted to go for an ombre look. I stuck the paint samples into my Cricuit and started cutting out my hearts (my hearts are 3/4 of a inch).

Once they were all cut out I lined them up on a white card stock (8.5 x 11) from light to dark with 2 rows of the same color. I then put a dab of permanent bond glue runner on the back of each heart, put it in a white frame and you just made yourself some art! 

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  1. Very simple and cute! Love the pink gradient of hearts! Valentine's is such a fun holiday!

    Stopping by from Weekly Wednesday Hop & a new follower of yours!



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