Monday, December 10, 2012

O Christmas Tree

 Welp its officially winter in Texas today. I woke up to a small dusting of snow on the ground and cars and 30 degree weather, BURRRRRR! As much as I will miss the 80 degree December days sitting on the patio wearing t-shirts, I am going to embrace this new cooler weather as it reminds me of Iowa and really puts me in the Christmas spirit. Today is a perfect day to show off my Christmas Tree, enjoy and have a great Monday!

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  1. Omg I have those same crazy picks! So cute :)
    Oh and I just have to rub this in but... you got snow before we did!!!! WOOT! :)

  2. Iowa hasnt gotten snow yet???? This is unacceptable! I mean, our "dusting" was so small and light, you cant really tell... :(

    You need to do some pics of your tree! I want to see your crazy picks! I love them :)

  3. Love your white tree! Cute blog, new follower!

  4. Thanks for linking up! Texas weather is crazy!! Merry Christmas to you!


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