Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY :: Gold Glitter Pinecones

I have been seeing gold pinecones all over Pinterest and knew I needed them! I went this weekend to pick me up some however they were all so expensive. So I thought well heck I can make them myself! And that I did. I already had my gold Krylon spray paint, Modge Podge and gold glitter so all I needed was a bag of pine cones {as I live in the city and couldn't tell you where the nearest pine tree is} {plus they are scented so I can use the extras to make my apt smell yummy} and I was set. I got this bag at JoAnn's for $5.99.

I laid down some cardboard to not paint the grass gold, and went to town at spraying the pine cones. I only did one coat as I was happy with the look and knew I was going to be adding some glitter but you could apply another coat or two if you were going to stop here.

Then with a paintbrush, I dipped it in the Modge Podge and painted the ends of the pine cones with the glue. Once I had all the ends painted up I sprinkled on the glitter and TA DAAAAAA!! 

Gold glitter pine cones!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone Canon ran out of juice :(

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  1. I love painted pine cones. I have tons of them at my house, too. They make great placecards, ornaments, vase fillers... all purpose!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.

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  3. These look great! I have some pinecones waiting to be painted white... but I'm really diggin' the sparkles instead!
    xo, Jenn
    With Luck

    1. White would be pretty too! You should post what you end up deciding! :)


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