Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Update

I am finally getting around to unpacking from my trip to Iowa. I know what you're thinking, "didn't you get home Monday night?" Yes, yes I did. Unpacking is my least favorite thing to do and it usually takes me 2 weeks to complete the unpacking process. However, this time it only took me a whoppin 4 days!! I just couldn't wait to dig into my suitcase and pull out all the new things I got! Back in college after I would spend breaks in Texas with my family I would come back and do a 'show & tell' with my roomies. So let me share with y'all what I got:

  • I have been wanting a sheepskin rug for months and my mom found this grey one on clearance at Target. It wasn't the color I was looking for but I kinda like it as its different from the rest I have seen around. 
  • I got these gold confetti thank-you from T.J. Maxx. I have a slight obsession with gold and confetti right now so I couldn't pass these up!
  • I am using my DIY mercury glass mason jar to put my caligraphy pens in. I also bought some gold confetti notebooks from Target and branch colored pencils from T.J. Maxx.
  • My mom bought me these shot glasses from Pier One. I have a red theme going on in my kitchen and my mom loves picking me up anything kitchen-y thats red. This shot glass set came with a red lacquer tray and I definitely see these showcased on a cute bar cart. 
  • I bought these colorful gift tags at T.J. Maxx as well...just getting ready for birthday and Christmas season!
  • Along with the sheepskin rug, my mom also got a duvet cover and pillow shams on clearance at Target. {she seriously can find all the cute things on sale} And the yellow chevron rug we found at T.J. Maxx..I dont really have a spot yet for that but my mom insisted I get it. 
  • Lastly, my mom and aunt got me these bejeweled desk accessories. It may be a bit overkill to put all 4 of them out on my desk so I will probably pick 1 or 2 items and put the rest away.
{Note: I may have a slight obsession with T.J. Maxx}
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