Sunday, September 23, 2012


In 1 month I will be packing my bag to spend 10 days in God's country... the good ole state of IOWA! I am so excited to see my 2 best friends, J & C, and their adorable lil cuties! I cannot wait to spoil my niece and nephew and kiss those chubby cheeks!

I mean seriously, they are so stinkin cute right??

We have already started planning out our trip and the things we want to do. I have made them promise me that we can have a craft day. I have been pinning all of these cute craft ideas but haven't found the time been to lazy to actually do them. So here are the top 3 crafts I am wanting to do::

I cannot wait to try this! I have so many glass vases, votives and jars that are just sitting around begging to be turned into something pretty!! 

I have seen so many girls wear these and think they are too cute! Now that I am out of college can I still pull of these dresses?? 

Not sure where this one came from but the instructions were listed under the pin:
Use acrylic paint and the back end of a paint brush for the dots - put in a cold oven - preheat to 350 - let sit for 30 min. Turn off oven and let cool with the glasses still in there.

I will let you know how our crafts turn out...stay tuned! :)

Also, go visit my bestie J over at Everything but Ordinary

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  1. Okay I really want to make those silver vases! How fun! And where can I buy real looking peonies to go in them!? Also, love that dress! I mean, you know I like anything chevron but still! I don't think we're too old to pull that off :) Can't wait for the JCS Reunion!


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